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The End Begins

...you wouldn't know a good thing if it came up and slit your throat...

15 September
a second chance, acceptance, afi, anadivine, armor for sleep, as i lay dying, backpacking, bad larry, bane, bass, beloved, belt buckles, belts, better off, blink 182, bowling, brand new, bright eyes, buffalo bills, camping, cds, coheed and cambria, converge, cursive, dashboard confessional, dead poetic, death cab for cutie, deftones, desaparecidos, dogma, don't look down, driving, drums, dvds, elliott smith, emery, emo, every time i die, fall out boy, finch, funeral for a friend, gatsbys american dream, glassjaw, green day, guitar, guns n' roses, halifax, happy endings, hardcore, harry potter, he is legend, head automatica, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, hiking, hoodies, hugs, i am disaster, ipods, itunes, kanye west, laughing, less than jake, letter kills, love, marist college, matchbook romance, mc lars, midtown, millencolin, modest mouse, mosh, motion city soundtrack, mp3s, music, my chemical romance, name taken, night, norma jean, nudity, number one fan, over it, piercings, poetry, punchline, punk rock, reading, refused, riley, rock climbing, rocking out, rufio, rx bandits, saosin, saves the day, screamo, shai hulud, shows, silverstein, slik willy, smiling, something corporate, spitalfield, stars, stars over satellites, story of the year, straightedge, straylight run, styx, sugarcult, summer, sunrises, sunsets, syracuse, taco bell, taking back sunday, tattoos, ten times over, the ataris, the ball, the bled, the early november, the goonies, the juliana theory, the june spirit, the lifestyle, the mad caddies, the movielife, the postal service, the used, thrice, thrift shopping, thursday, tiffanie ann yearby, track jackets, underoath, unearth, vintage, vinyl, weezer, yellowcard, you, zombie apocalypse